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Accessibility Policy

Grupo Labda

With the aim that all people can access the web site of Advanced Databases Group (LaBDA) of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid regardless of their Internet content access conditions, it has been built this website that satisfies the priority points 1 and 2 of WCAG 1.0. We also meets priority points 1 and 2 of the UNE 139803:2004.

Conformidad con el Nivel Doble-A, de las Directrices de Accesibilidad para el Contenido Web 1.0 del W3C-WAI

In order to ensure accessibility we have been carrying out automatic evaluations with different tools, as well as a manual revision. Para asegurar la accesibilidad se han llevado a cabo evaluaciones automáticas con distintas herramientas, así como una revisión manual.

Keyboard shortcuts have been defined in order to access the main links to the website. The main options available through combinations of keyboard shortcuts are:

  • I: Home
  • M: Site Map
  • A: Accessibility
  • D: Directory
  • L: Research lines
  • P: Projects
  • T: Technology Transfer
  • U: Publications
  • T: Doctoral Thesis
  • E: Events
  • S: Seminars
  • N: News
  • R: Interesting Resources

The use of access keys is determined by the browser:

  • Internet Explorer 4.0: ALT+ Keyboard shortcut + press ENTER
  • Internet Explorer 5 or ALT+ Keyboard shortcut + press ENTER
  • Netscape: ALT+ Keyboard shortcut + press ENTER
  • Mozilla Firefox up to 1.5: ALT+ Keyboard shortcut + press ENTER
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0: ALT+ Shift+ Keyboard shortcut (advanced settings in browser with two keys)
  • Opera: Shift + Esc to activate keyboard shortcut
  • Safari: CONTROL + Keyboard shortcut

The used code XHTML, CSS is adjusted to formal grammar in order to guarantee the correct visualization of the content in different browsers.

Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional CSS válido

If you detect any problem when accessing the web content, do not hesitate to contact us. You can send us an email to Lourdes Moreno López.

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